Compassion and the boy I've failed to tell you about

Not long after our youngest daughter had settled into the college life, Jim and I decided to add another youngster to the family. As females dominated our family for years (even our two cats were females), we decided to go with a little boy.

So ten years ago, years before there were grandsons—heck, before we even had our first son-in-law—Jim and I adopted Erick. The "adoption" was through Compassion International. Erick was five years old at the time, lived in Honduras (still does), and was an adorable little kiddo who looked like this:

compassion child

Last week, the most recent photo of Erick came in the mail. He now looks like this:

compassion child

Erick now teeters on the edge of manhood; he'll turn 15 in December. Looking at this photo, I'm once again floored by how quickly little boys grow up.

Perhaps Jim and I will one day get to meet Erick in person, the first boy we welcomed into our family. A first boy followed by many males: three grandsons, a son-in-law, and two probable-sons-in-law-to-be.

When Erick turns 18—in three short years—our sponsorship of him through Compassion ends. Jim and I will likely adopt another youngster at that time. As our family is now dominated by males of various ages (including one of our two dogs), I'm pretty sure we'll look for a little girl.

If history repeats itself, I see quite a bit of pink adorning our yet-to-be-born grandkiddos.

Today's question:

Is your family dominated by males or females?