Climbing the wall

My grandsons and their parents are pretty much fully moved into their new home. Their backyard, though, is undergoing a mega-makeover (a pool and more!), which means the boys are unable to play outside in the yard for a few months.

Good thing they have a park right across the street.

Despite the nearby park, though, Bubby and Mac were already climbing the walls soon into the relocation. So when PawDad and I were there a week or so ago, Preston took Bubby, Mac, and PawDad to the local community center to burn off some energy playing basketball. And to, literally, climb the walls.

Mac was too tiny for the wall-climbing venture, but Bubby was a pro in no time. He quickly mastered the small wall...

rock climbing kid 

Then Bubby moved on to the medium wall...

youth rock wall climbing 

He almost made it!

Considering the many weeks left to go before their finished backyard is unveiled and open for play, I imagine Bubby, Mac, and Daddy will have many more visits to the community center, many more wall-climbing sessions to go. I bet Bubby will reach his goal of making it to the top of the medium wall soon.

I also bet Mommy and Daddy will soon be climbing walls themselves. At home! As they anxiously await the day they can simply tell energetic Bubby, Mac, and Jak to go outside and play—in their own backyard.

(Thank you to Preston for these great shots he took and shared with me!)

Today's question:

When did you last climb walls, literally or figuratively?