Celebrity crushes and the GRAND Social

Anthony Newly and Tom Jones - Courtesy Wikimedia.org

My fellow #GenerationFabulous friends are participating in a blog hop today. This closed Facebook group of truly fabulous women runs a blog hop each month, which usually ends up—in some manifestation—as a feature on Huffington Post.

I participated in the first #GenFab blog hop, which carried the theme of "What would you tell your 20-year-old self." This time around it's all about celebrity crushes. I don't have any. Didn't really have any, at least not of any post-worthy proportion. Not as an adolescent. Not as a teen. Not as a young mother, old mother, grandmother. I could have made such a declaration into a full-blown post, but each time I considered such, I thought, "Why should I post a post saying I have nothing to post?" How boring that might be for all of us. So I'm not participating this time.

Many of the lovely ladies of our #GenerationFabulous group did and do have crushes, though, and they did participate. linking up their posts en masse. Please take some time—after participating in the GRAND Social below, of course—to check out the crushing good posts of my fellow #GenFab friends. Two of the many places you'll find it is on Grilled Grandma Caryn's blog and the blog of regular Grandma's Briefs commenter Ginger Kay.

First things first, er, second, I guess, and that would be what's going down here: the GRAND Social link party for grandparents. Thank you for linking up your posts if you're a blogger, and for reading the posts of others whether you're a blogger or not. I'm grateful for your participation and the grand thoughts you share. Enjoy!

How it works:

  • All grandparent bloggers are invited to add a link. You don't have to blog specifically about grandparenting, but you must be a grandparent who blogs.
  • Posts shared can be an old one or a recent one, your choice.
  • To link up, copy the direct link to the specific post you want to share, not the link to your blog's home page. Then click the blue "Click here to enter" text below and follow the directions to add your post to the list.
  • You can add up to three posts, but no duplicates, please, and none you have promoted on a previous GRAND Social linky.
  • No contests, giveaways, or Etsy sites, please.
  • Adding a mention at the bottom of your linked posts, such as This post has been linked to the GRAND Social linky, is appreciated. Or, you can post the GRAND Social button using the following code:


<a href="/" target="_blank"><img src="http://grandmasbriefs.squarespace.com/storage/GRANDsocialbutton.jpg " alt="Grandma’sBriefs.com" width="125" height="125" /></a>


  • The GRAND Social linky is open for new posts through Wednesday evening, so please come back to see those added after your first visit.
  • If you're not a blogger, you have the pleasure of being a reader. All bloggers who link up would be honored to have you—bloggers and readers—click, visit, read and comment.

READERS and PARTICIPATING BLOGGERS: Please visit the posts others have linked to by clicking on the thumbnail photos. Comments are always appreciated by the bloggers whose links you visit, even if it's simply "Hey, stopping by from GRAND Social."

Thank you for participating in the GRAND Social!