Review and giveaway: Custom canvas print from Canvas Factory

canvas p j 2.JPG

I'm one of those grandmas who displays lots and lots of photos of my loved ones. All around my house. For this post, I began counting the number of pictures I have placed here and there. And stopped at thirty six. With the remainder of the main level plus the family room to go, I've chosen to just guesstimate here. I'm guessing there are fifty or so scattered about. On walls, bookcases, mantels, and more.

I delight in seeing my sweeties, old and young, in pictures. But with that many pictures to adore—and dust—I clearly don't need anymore.

Yet an offer to review—and give away! (more on that below)—a custom canvas print from Canvas Factory…

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Grandparent journals and GRAND Social link party No. 304

Grandparent journals and GRAND Social link party No. 304

Grandparent journals

I'm giving away some goodies to help you better connect with your grandkiddos: a webcam (for connecting now) and a set of grandparent journals (for connecting through generations to come).

Have you entered to win? Please do! Simply leave a comment right here and you're entered! I draw the random winner Thursday morning, so watch your email!

Good luck!

GRAND Social link party No. 304

Time now to connect with one another in this week's…

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Enter to win Grandparent Journals and a Logitech Webcam (giveaway)

Bluestreak Books (an imprint of Weldon Owen) sent me these great books AND is providing a prize pack for one of my lucky readers!


Win a perfect prize for connecting with grandchildren now... and later

Both of my grandmothers lived far away from me when I was a child. My maternal grandmother—the one the longest distance from me but closest to my heart—got in the habit as I got older of writing letters a few times a year, filling me in on the simple day-to-day of her senior years.

Gramma was always intentional in staying in touch with me, up until her arthritic hands could no longer write and my return letters—typed in large, bold-face font for easier reading—were no longer easy to read at all as her vision had failed. Had webcams been around prior to her passing, I'm pretty sure Gramma would have been keen on connecting via the high-tech wonder.

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Not a wholotta entries! Plus, GRAND Social No. 257 link party for grandparents

Not a wholotta entries!

I'm giving away a $25 gift card to Taco Bueno to help spread the word — and the tasting of — the Taco Bueno Wholotta Box filled with a whole lotta food. Have you entered to win it yet?

taco bueno wholotta box giveaway 

There aren't a wholotta entries and you know what that means: low entries = high odds of winning! So click on over to read my what Jim, Andrea, and I thought about the big box of yum and enter to win one for you and yours! I draw the winner Wednesday morning, so go ahead and...

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Saturday movie review (and giveaway!): Angels Sing

I stand firm on waiting until after Thanksgiving to listen to holiday music and watch holiday films — except for HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, which takes place primarily during Thanksgiving deeming it acceptable to watch then.

Now that the turkey has been officially gobbled and gone, holiday music and films are fair game. Consider such viewing begun!

Angels Sing DVD

To be quite honest, holiday films often seem cheesy to me. And corny. But that's okay, that's to be expected. And pretty much accepted. In that vein, I admit that...

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Saturday movie review (and giveaway!): Love & Mercy

Most baby boomers grew up on the music of the Beach Boys. But few of us, I think, know the story behind singer-songwriter Brian Wilson other than that he took to his bed for several years at one point. The dramatic biography LOVE & MERCY delves into Wilson's genius, his madness, his years under the physical, financial and psychological control of a therapist, and his miraculous comeback to music—and life—thanks to a woman who never gave up on him and eventually became his second wife.

 Love & Mercy

LOVE & MERCY (which I received free for review) tells the story of two pivotal periods in the life of Brian Wilson (with full cooperation of Brian Wilson and...

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What I won, what you can win, plus GRAND Social No. 152 link party for grandparents

What I won

Those of you who follow Grandma's Briefs on Facebook or Twitter likely already know this, but... remember my "looking forward to" category from last Thursday's post? Well, here's the skinny on the "Best of" designation I am honored and delighted to have received in the 2015 Best of the Springs survey published by The Gazette newspaper.

Grandma's Briefs at Best of the Springs 

What you can win

Today is the last day to enter to win a sleek (and tough) personalized smartphone case...

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Saturday movie PREview—and giveaway: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The last time my husband and I went to see a movie at the theater, we did as we always do: Jim headed off for the popcorn while I made my way to the theater to nab our seats. As I sought out the correct theater, a middle-aged couple walked just ahead of me. Suddenly the woman stopped in her tracks as her hubby kept walking. The woman was mesmerized by the movie poster in the hallway.

As I got closer, I realized what had caught her eye... and I joined her in front of the colorful, oversized promotion for THE SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL.

second best exotic marigold hotel

"I can't wait to see this! Did you see the first one?" she asked in dreamy tone.

"Oh, yeah," I said in an equally smooth voice as we...

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Personalized (and precious) gift giveaway, plus GRAND Social No. 133 link party

Personalized (and precious) gift giveaway

Have I got a perfect gift for you, a gift I'm giving away so you can then give it away for the holidays.

Click on this link right here to see what I'm talking about.

Oh, heck... I'll just tell you: I'm giving away a Starrytime Blanket Full of Love Personalized Book and Blanket Keepsake Set. Like this:

starrytime blanket full of love

I received a set personalized for Jak, and I promise you...

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'This Is Where I Leave You' giveaway, plus GRAND Social No. 122 link party

'This Is Where I Leave You' giveaway

this is where i leave you

In anticipation of Friday's opening of THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU starring Jason Bateman, Tina Fey and many others in an amazing ensemble cast, Warner Bros. Pictures is offering up a prize package for Grandma's Briefs readers. In addition...

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Hey there, hi there, hoya there: Celebrating GRAND Social No. ONE HUNDRED!

Hooray, hooray! Today is GRAND Social No. 100. That's ONE HUNDRED link parties just for grandparent bloggers, hosted right here on Grandma's Briefs.

Last week I mentioned I'd find a special way to commemorate the milestone. I believe I've found something befitting the occasion — as well as my affection for alliteration. I'm calling it...

One hoya for one hundred!

hoya collage 2014

See, my lovely heirloom hoya recently...

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