Care for yourself: 16 ways grandparents should follow their own advice

We grandparents regularly show love and encouragement to our grandchildren. Yet how often do we turn that steady flow of love and encouragement on ourselves? If you're like me, not often.

Time for that to change.

Following are sixteen ways to nurture and care for yourself in ways you likely encourage your grandchildren to care for and about their selves.

boy walking dog

young boy doing homework

toddler brushing teeth

napping toddler

boy wearing owl mask

boys with iPad

boys licking baking bowls

toddlers reading books

boy dancing

toddler and golden retriever

brothers making silly faces

boys exploring trail

toddler with remote control

toddler giving raspberry

boy kissing little brother

toddler with first birthday cake

Today's question:

Which do you regularly do and which do you find hardest?