BTS 2017: Grandsons and good teachers

From the look of their first-day-of-school photos (which I nabbed from my daughter's Facebook page), my grandsons lucked out with caring and personable teachers for the new school year.

brothers first day of school 2017

Camden kicked off kindergarten with a super-sized grin — sporting the empty spots of two teeth he lost mere days before school started. And Brayden's cheesing it with his fourth-grade teacher though, as he pointed out in our FaceTime conversation on Friday, he actually has three teachers this year; the other two are fifth-grade teachers as the super smart kiddo will attend fifth-grade reading and math classes.

I reckon it's high time I head back to school myself, for I certainly could use some lessons on new ways to exclaim, "I can't believe how fast they're growing!" when it comes to those amazing boys.

Three cheers for grandsons, good teachers, and the makings of a great year!