Brothers on a mission

Okay, I admit I'm not positive all three of these cute critters are male (hence the brothers), but they are most definitely siblings.

three baby squirrels

How do I know they're related? Because these little squirts are the spring 2015 squirrel family to make a home in the fence near my living room window. Seems there's a new resident family each season. Or perhaps just one very tired mama squirrel who knows a good baby-raising spot when she finds one.

I've enjoyed watching the kiddos get bigger and braver... reminding me of my squirrelly (and growing so quickly) grandsons—whom I simply cannot wait to see this weekend!

Yes, you read that right! It's just mere days til I jet to the desert to hug and hold Bubby, Mac, and Jak!

My mission this week? Keeping from going bonkers in anticipation of spending a week with my three squirrelly squirts!

Today's question:

What's your mission this week?