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As many of you know, I took a break from blogging last week so I could get a few out-of-control matters under control. The breaking didn't result in me getting it all under control, but two of the matters I mentioned are now a wee bit less overwhelming. And one is over and done.

Updates on the tasks I was tackling at the time I cried Uncle (some of which, if you follow me on social media, you may have already seen):


This is a photo of a man — well, his fashionable (podiatrist provided) footwear — who finally, after thirty-eight days, is allowed to bear weight on his right foot and walk without crutches:

medical foot wear

That very same man drove himself to work for the first time in forty-four days on Tuesday.

Jim's (relatively) newfound freedom has provided a smidgen of freedom for me because I no longer have to drive him everywhere as well as do everything for him and our animals and home. He still has the PICC line for at least two more full weeks... and may have a wound vac (??) attached to his tootsie today. Our visit to the podiatrist this morning will tell.

Such baby steps are big steps at this point and good enough for me... as long as we keep moving forward.


Hail storm cleanup

Because Jim has been unable to help me clean up from the July 28 hellacious hail storm (though he will a bit this weekend), the chore stalled out after I bagged up as much as I could on my own from one side of the house. That one side yard — note there is still another side yard plus the front yard and back yard to rake and bag up — produced the following pile for last week's garbage guys (plus three garbage cans filled with pine needles from the driveway which Andrea got up the day before and I didn't include in the photo documentation of my hard work):

hail storm garbage 

I was pretty proud of myself, having done that above all by myself. And my MS didn't even throw me for a loop the following day. Woot!

When I walked my dog yesterday morning, I saw the final pile from one of my neighbors and couldn't help but photograph it:

tidy trash 

Perhaps I should ask if they could help me with the rest of my clean up. Their tidy little piles of pine parts give the impression they thoroughly enjoy the chore I abhor.



Practicing the mini cupcakes for Andrea and Matt's mini wedding reception and completing the real ones for the big day were at the top of my list last week, in terms of priority as well as time consumption.

If I say so myself, it appears practice made perfect... or close enough:

mini cupcakes 

Monday's mini wedding — and the photos taken by Andie's friend, photographer Giles Clasen — turned out even better than the mini cupcakes:

courthouse wedding


With Andie's lovely wedding now over and done, I can cross mother-of-the-bride duties off my list.

For good, in fact, as all three of my girls are now wed and on their way to their happily ever afters.