Boy bunnies

Megan texted me photos of Bubby and Mac sporting their bunny ears on Easter.

boy in bunny ears

boy in bunny ears

I originally planned to share those with you in a "Wordless Wednesday" post. It would be impossible for me to share those photos, though, without also sharing words stating that I believe those shots absolutely perfectly capture the true essence of each boy's personality like no other photos have yet. At least not side-by-side photos of the boys putting their own spin on the exact same activity.

THAT is Bubby and THAT is Mac. Totally. Perfectly. Completely.

Love it! And them.

It will be quite interesting to see what personality shines through beneath the bunny ears placed atop Grandson No. 3's little noggin' this time next year.

I cannot wait!

Today's question:

What expected changes between now and this time next year do you find it hard to wait for?