Baby shower, with Pinterest upgrades! Plus, GRAND Social No. 320 link party for grandparents

Baby shower… with Pinterest upgrades!

In the preamble to last week’s GRAND Social link party, I noted that I’d had a busy day the day before. The reason for the busy-ness was Brianna’s baby shower! It turned out to be a lovely baby shower—thanks in large part to all the pinning Brianna (and I, admittedly) had done pre-party planning.

I hosted Megan’s baby shower more than 10 years ago—long before Pinterest appeared and upped the ante on entertaining. Megan’s shower was nice. But, gee whiz, thanks to Pinterest, the bar has been raised since those long-gone days of simply serving up punch, cake, shower decor, and a few silly shower games.

Here are a few of the Pinterest-inspired creations I (with help from Andrea and Megan, who flew in for the weekend) managed to pull off for Brianna’s fall-themed affair:

Decor in the primary gathering space

The party table centerpiece… pre-party

The favors: Confetti popcorn Thank you! bags and It’s A Boy! Rolo-rolled cigars (signage courtesy Megan)

In lieu of a guest book, Brianna requested guests sign and paint letters for a sentimental ABC set for the nursery wall

In lieu of a guest book, Brianna requested guests sign and paint letters for a sentimental ABC set for the nursery wall

And the guests rose to the creative challenge

Brianna also requested a festive backdrop for pics with friends and family—a combined effort by Andrea, Megan and me (and Jim, too)

One of the best upgrades for Brianna’s shower over the last one at my house—tho completely unrelated to Pinterest—was that Brianna’s BFF Suzanne covered all hostess duties (i.e. shower games and more!) during the event.

Suzanne with a friend’s baby.

Wacky shower games, courtesy Suzanne.

Suzanne also created cute name tags for the VIP attendees.

Brianna’s special day was a sweet success. She was showered with love and laughter and gifts galore.

The sweetest part for me? Having all three of my girls together for the gala affair!

At shower’s end, me with my forever favorite females: Megan, Brianna, Andrea

GRAND Social No. 320 link party for grandparents

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