And the little one said: ‘Lemme out!’

Conditions are getting quite cramped for my youngest grandson. During yesterday’s ultrasound—photos for which are far more distinct than last week’s ultrasound—there was one hand nearing the little guy’s face… and (not visible in this printout) a foot pressed up against his forehead, according to the technician. Quite a feet, er, feat!


The limited space must be why Mama Brianna experienced such mighty movement from the nearly newborn contortionist on Monday:

Brianna's belly shows Baby wants out... now! (Rate of kicking sped up to 1.5X)

Brianna’s induction is scheduled for next Thursday—just in case my squished-up grandson doesn’t initiate real-world entry on his own before then—so it’s a maximum of seven days before yet-to-be-named Baby Boy finally gets to stretch.

What a stupendously satisfying stretch it will surely be!