Broncos babe! Plus, GRAND Social No. 328 link party for grandparents

Broncos babe!

Can you guess who’s already one month old?

And who’s already an unabashed Broncos fan?

Yes, that would be Benjamin! Or, as his dad likes to call him, BenJammin’.


Broncos fan Benjamin celebrates crossing the one-month mark!


Who be jammin’?

Gramma’s No. 1 Broncos babe, of course!

GRAND Social No. 328 link party for grandparents

My No. 1 favorite bloggers? All of you, the grandest of grand linkers linking and reading regularly each and every week when the GRAND Social linky goes live. Thank you! And Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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How it works:

  • All grandparent bloggers are invited to add a link. You don't have to blog about grandparenting, just be a grandparent who blogs.

  • Grandparents who do not blog (or want to share something other than their own post) are welcome to add links to other posts grandparent readers may be interested in.

  • To link up a post, copy the direct URL to the specific post — new or old — that you want to share, not the link to the blog or website home page. Then click the blue button below marked "Add your link" and follow the directions.

  • I reserve the right to remove posts I feel are inappropriate. (Which hasn't happened yet, but I feel obligated to note that, just in case.)

  • Those who add links to the GRAND Social link party will be sent a weekly reminder when the party goes live. If you prefer to be removed from that email list, feel free to do so (and you'll still be more than welcome to join the party any time).

  • If adding your own post, including a mention such as This post linked to the GRAND Social to your linked posts is appreciated. 

  • The GRAND Social linky accepts posts through Wednesday evening, so please come back to see those added after your first visit.

  • If you're not a linker, you have the pleasure of being a reader. Those sharing a link would be honored to have you visit, read and, if so moved, leave a comment, even if just "Hey, stopping by from the GRAND Social." Bloggers who link are encouraged to visit and comment on the links of other bloggers, as well.