Babes on Jesus' birth! Plus, GRAND Social No. 332 link party for grandparents

Babes on Jesus’ birth!

Most folks have seen this adorable video from last year by now but it is so fun—so hilarious!—that I just had to share it again before the season ends.

In case we don’t cross paths online or off again before Christmas, I’d like to right here, right now wish you and yours a beautiful and bountifully blessed Christmas!

GRAND Social No. 332 link party for grandparents

I’m so glad you’re here today to socialize (and share links) despite the busy, busy week ahead. Thank you!

Please note: There will not be a GRAND Social link party next week, but there will be one the following week (kicking off on New Year’s Eve).

Cheers, dear friends!

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How it works:

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