Angles and angels and what grandmas won't do for their grandkids

We got our first big snow of the season last month. When Megan heard about the snowstorm, she asked that I make a snow angel to show the boys how it's done. See, my disadvantaged desert-dwelling grandsons have never, ever made a snow angel.

So, being the accommodating grandma that I am, I made a snow angel for my grandsons. As it was too cold and the snow too deep for me to venture out into the yard, I decided to lie down on the snow-covered deck, just outside my kitchen door.

I flapped my arms and legs (the best I could in thick icy snow, with the rocking chair obstructing my flapping right arm) as Jim made a brief video on my phone of me flapping and flailing for my grandsons then carefully rising from the snow, hoping not to disturb the angel.

I'll spare you that video as it's rather unflattering. The angle was horrid and made me look a bit like Burl Ives in Rudolph, just lying on his back in the snow instead of smoothly scooting about over the snowy hills. (Yeah, we'll blame it on the angle.)

I will, though, share with you the imprint of my angel. Because it's weird... and it looks like I'm under the snow.

snow angel 

Weird, right?

That one really can be attributed to the angle, which makes it appear a bit bas-relief, I thought. And as if I'm buried beneath the snow. I assure you, though, that although I am indeed one accommodating grandma, I won't go that far on a cold and snowy day for the sake of enlightening my grandchildren on what they're missing by living in the desert.

I did, though, make them a snowman — another request from Megan for her sons who have never made a snowman. Never.

It's a small snowman. Made on the deck. Because it was too cold and the snow too deep for me to venture out into the yard.

mini snowman 

Like I said, this grandma will only go so far.

Today's question:

What's something wacky you've done in the name of entertaining or educating your grandchildren?