A special Mother's Day message from Christina Grimmie Foundation... and Mama Grimmie

Tina Grimmie, mother to slain musician, YouTube icon, and The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie, has created a touching Mother's Day video introducing a very personal song her daughter recorded before the singer's fatal shooting by a fan in 2016.

Christina wrote and recorded "Little Girl" as encouragement and support for her mom during her battle with breast cancer. The song was never commercially released until now, for Mother's Day 2018.

Tina Grimmie—"Mama Grimmie" as she's known to her daughter's thousands of fans—shares the following personal message about "Little Girl" to encourage mothers and daughters worldwide.

Here, "Little Girl" by Christina Grimmie:


To continue Christina's legacy of love, compassion, and caring after her untimely death, the Grimmie family created the Christina Grimmie Foundation, which has a twofold mission that addresses the challenges of families devastated by events similar to those that impacted both Christina and Tina:

One: To provide financial, emotional, and encouragement support to individuals and families who suffer from the devastating effects of gun violence;

Two: To provide support for families facing breast cancer diagnosis.

The Christina Grimmie Foundation is not political and takes no stance on guns or gun control.  According to a Foundation spokesperson, it exists "simply to be families helping other families through tough times."

To learn more, visit ChristinaGrimmieFoundation.org. And to hear "Little Girl" on your favorite music service, go to https://ffm.to/littlegirl.