A holiday sight to see: America's tallest Christmas tree

A holiday trivia question for you: Where is the nation's tallest decorated Christmas tree?

Did you guess Rockefeller Center? Perhaps the White House?

Nope. Believe it or not, the tallest decorated Christmas tree in America stands 115-feet tall in an outlet mall. In Arizona. Yes, it's so! Certified so!

Megan and I set out to see the holiday wonder this week, with Mac and Jak in tow. (Bubby was in school that day, just as he was this day.)

Whoo-eee! What a festive sight to see!

nation's tallest christmas tree

The certification and more:

tallest christmas tree facts

Jak was impressed.

excited toddler

So was Mac.

gifts under tallest christmas tree

I must admit I was impressed, as well, especially when craning my neck and my camera in an attempt to shoot a shot from bottom to top.

america's tallest christmas tree

There you have it: the nation's tallest Christmas tree. It's an impressive holiday sight. Or, at the very least, holiday trivia to keep in mind for impressing family and friends as you sit around your own Christmas tree this holiday season.

Today's question:

How tall is your Christmas tree?