A grin for the end and other musings

Hooray for Friday!

I think Mac sports the ideal expression for this last day of the week:

toddler in tree 

While Mac was climbing trees (and pointing out to Mom that he's a tree climber just like his brother), I was making my mark in other spots around the web.

Here are two of my articles posted elsewhere this week that I think you might enjoy:

Boomeon screen printForging a Grandparent Planpublished on Boomeon.com

I don’t have vivid memories of moments or activities with my grandmothers. I don’t recall specific foods they made, hobbies they enjoyed or shared with me, lessons they taught me. My own children have just a handful of those kinds of memories with their grandmothers, as well.

I often read of such things, hear recollections of such memories. Hearing the joy-filled recollections highlights their absence in my life. But it also makes me determined to create similarly joy-filled memories with my own grandchildren, to be one of those memorable grandmothers who stand out in a child’s mind no matter their age. It just takes a little more work than simply reaching back into my memory or turning...Continue reading on Boomeon.com


Grandparents dot comTop 6 Grandparent Guilt Trips — And How To Overcome Them — published on Grandparents.com

The grandparenting experience fills grandmas and grandpas with love, joy, pride, amazement and optimism. And guilt.

I know that to be true because I’m a grandparent who occasionally feels guilty. And I have many grandparent friends and connections that admit to feeling guilty now and then, too.

Though our specific guilt triggers may be different, our most common grandparent guilt trips typically fall into two categories: what we do and what we don’t do.

Guilt Over What We Do

1) Saying no

Because I’m a long-distance grandma, I have limited opportunities to say no to my grandchildren. But my friends talk about the big guilt...Continue reading on Grandparents.com

Thank you for reading here... and there!

Happy Friday!

Today's question:

What are your plans for the weekend?