A grand adventure... minus one

My Grand Adventure at Disney World with my middle daughter and grandsons kicks off tomorrow!

Minus one of my grandsons.

Jak is staying behind.

After seriously considering the schedule and such, it's been determined that the fun won't be quite as fun for anyone — including Jak — during periods that require me to cover media matters, leaving Megan wrangling three boys on her own as they meander through the Magic Kingdom sans Gramma for a few hours.

See, Jak, at just 18 months old and mere feet in size, can't ride the same rides his older brothers can, and he sure can't be left to sit on a bench and wait while Mommy takes his brothers for a spin or slide or splash. Which means the big boys would miss out; their little brother would be bored. And Mommy Megan just may have pulled out all her hair by the time we meet up again.

Plus, Jak is not a happy traveler. Yet. Nor does he like sleeping any place but in his own bed. Yet. This was all brought to light when Jak and his family took a road trip to San Diego a couple weeks ago — a family outing that serendipitously served as a trial run for Jak preceding our Disney adventure.

Bottom line: If Jak joins us, he would spend four days and three nights in a miserable mood despite being smack dab in the center of the happiest place on Earth. He'll be much happier at home. With Dad.

Which will make Mom, his two brothers, and Gramma happier, too, as we all embrace the Disney Grand Adventure without wrestling with an unhappy and wriggling wee one.

Sometimes touch choices must be made. Thank you to Preston for suggesting a satisfactory solution that will keep us all smiling! And rearranging his work schedule to make it happen, too.