A few fave photos: Father's Day and other fun

I take so very many photos, yet it seems I share very few because the photo editing can be a pain in the <curse> long process.

That's changing today!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past few weeks—with minimal (often, no) editing. Better shared than perfect, right?

sleepy dogs
While babysitting Patrick's son, Bud (bloggy nickname), a few weeks ago, we got a kick out of Mickey, Hunter (whom Bud brought along), and Lyla's naptime formation.


high flying boy
At Brianna's annual company family picnic, Bud enjoyed super high-flying hijinks on the trampoline/bungee-jumping contraption.


young mom
Also at Brianna's company family picnic (where I served as unofficial official photographer of the celebration), I met up with this young mama who's a coworker of Brianna's—and one of my Daisy Girl Scouts from nearly 25 years ago, whom I'd not seen in that many years!


During the week of the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, I was determined to get a few shots of the U.S.A.F. Thunderbird jets as they practiced their show for the ceremony. They flew overhead again and again. I missed the shot again and again. I did get this little guy, though. Not the same... at all. Next year!


pointer-pitbull 2015
Mickey... getting old.


black lab-german shepherd 2015
Lyla... about half Mickey's age. (We're not positive on her age as she was rescued from the streets of Denver.)


Father's Day smiles
Brianna and Patrick invited us to their house for an early Father's Day dinner since they'd be camping on the actual day. Bud, Brianna, and Jim cheese it up for the camera.


father's day tent
Brianna and Bud got Patrick a tent for Father's Day!


pulling a tooth
After dinner, Bud's tooth was finally loose enough to pull. Brianna did the honors!


tooth pulled
No more tooth!


ford fiesta
Andrea bought a new car last week—her first time going through the car-buying process all by herself. I'm so proud of my little girl and her cute color-changing chameleon (or mood-car... like a mood ring... per Megan) of a Ford Fiesta!


engaged couple
Andie and Matt (the recently engaged cuties) joined us for Father's Day.


father's day beer
And brought some yummy beer from a local brewmeister!


father's day
And posed with Jim after he opened their gifts.


ukelele for Father's Day
I gave him a ukelele!


playing ukelele
Which, being a guitar player, won't be hard for Jim to master.


 perfect juicy lucy
Matt grilled up perfect Juicy Lucys for Father's Day dinner! Not a smidgen of cheese seeped out of the double-decker goodies with chunks of cheddar in the middle. (And on top, because we love cheese and Matt aims to please! And did!)

Though my photos may not be perfect, the moments captured certainly were. In so many different ways!

Thank you for perusing!

Today's question:

How do you typically share photos with friends and family? Online? Printed? Otherwise?