A different perspective

When my family last trekked to the desert together to attend Jak's baptism, Andrea's boyfriend, Matt, came along with us.

Now, Matt and I have a love for photography in common. I lean more toward being a hobbyist, though, while Matt is far more professional in his photographic pursuits.

It was interesting to consider the different perspectives he and I had of the very same visit.

These are the sorts of things I enjoyed taking photos of...

Mac loves Jak

aunts adore nephew

backsplash into pool

These are the sorts of things Matt (masterfully) enjoyed taking photos of...


I love, love, love my family and candid (or posed) photos of them. But — man alive! — aren't the photos from Matt's perspective absolutely spectacular?

If you want to see more from Matt's perspective — including an impressive collection of shots from around Colorado — feel free to peruse his website at Matt Snow Photography.

If you want to see more from my perspective, well, you know where to look. Right?

A big thanks to Matt for allowing me to show off his photos!

Today's question:

When you take photos, do you most enjoy photographing people or landscapes?