A brief prayer request

dear readers

I've been conflicted for weeks about sharing this — TMI isn't usually my thing — but today feel I must. Today I'm swallowing a pill that could stop my heart, so I'm writing to ask for your prayers, positive thoughts, healing vibes or any sort of goodness you could send my way.

My MS has gotten ridiculously aggressive and destructive in recent months. My neurologist has prescribed an aggressive course of action in return, to replace my daily injections that no longer work. Once I make it past the "serious side effect" of the first dose of this new medication, every daily dose after will be simple yet make a huge difference in getting me back to myself, getting me closer to fine.

The "first dose observation" will be at a medical facility today. I'll be there a minimum of six hours, with an EKG before, an EKG when my heart seems to have returned to a normal rate (typically after six hours, I'm told), and hourly blood pressure and heart rate checks for the duration. I must stay at the facility the entire time — just in case. Jim has taken the day off from work to be with me the entire time — just in case.

I've gone through gads of tests in the past month and a half to drastically limit the possibility any "just in case" scenario plays out. Yet, even the slimmest chance of my heart stopping or slowing down too, too much scares the hell out of me, to be honest. So I sincerely appreciate any prayers and positivity sent out in my name. Prayers the meds work as hoped to halt the MS destruction are equally appreciated.

Thank you, thank you!

Stay tuned...