9 temptations this grandma can't resist

As my oldest daughter and I embark on another round of supporting one another in efforts to get into shape, the idea of irresistible temptations has been on my mind.

Thankfully I don't lose my willpower when it comes to chocolate. No, it's carbs that do me in. Love me some pasta... and potatoes. I'm working hard to resist them now.

I've lately considered other temptations that get the best of me. Here are nine — with the top spot being the only food item on the list... because it's the only food item I truly find impossible to resist. 

Nine most irresistible temptations... for me:

9 — Pizza. I could eat pizza every day. Every meal. Yes, even breakfast, even cold. With so many options, there's no way I'd ever tire of the tempting treat. No matter the toppings, I'm happy to consume them... or pick them off (mushrooms, for the most part). With one exception: Anchovy pizza. Blech. I assure you I can — and do and will — resist that. Who doesn't?

8 — Distance distress. I complain about the distance between myself and my grandsons. A lot. My daughter (their mother) has heard more than she can handle and I'm pretty sure she wants to muzzle me. Heck, even some Grandma's Briefs readers are likely tired of me moaning about the miles. I try not to, honest. But gee whiz it's hard, and far too often I give in to the temptation to whine.

brother on a slideHow could I possibly not moan about missing these cuties?7 — Double pics. Nearly every time I take a picture I can't resist making it two. Or more. Just to be safe. To cover the likelihood someone's eyes will be closed or tongue sticking out or I didn't focus well and there's a blurry spot. Truth be told, my camera is actually set to take ten photos when the button is held down. Just to be safe.

6 — Chairs. I have an obsession with chairs. Chairs for rocking, reclining, reading, resting. Indoors chairs and benches. Outdoors chairs and benches... and swings. I don't know why, but I can't resist accumulating them. It made for quite a round of ribbing from those who helped us move into our house a few years ago. Sheesh... if they only knew how many more chairs I've accumulated since then. And benches. And swings.

5 — Books. Having a surplus of chairs means, naturally, I need a surplus of books for sitting in those chairs to read. So I can't resist books. Actually, I couldn't resist books before getting all the chairs, so I won't blame the chair obsession for the book obsession. (Do note: I don't necessarily mean I read all those books. Yes, I admit I have a problem.)

4 — Checking phone notifications. Try as I might, I can't ignore the dings and beeps and tones letting me know I have a text, tweet, mail, messages or a new Facebook update from a friend. Sometimes I just want to slap myself silly for being unable to resist the interruptions. I have to actually turn off the sound on my phone when I'm trying to get work done. And put it in the other room because the vibrations beg me to peek at the sender. (What? Turn the phone off? You must be kidding!)

3 — Emoji silliness. Speaking of the phone and messages, I can't seem to send a text without a little smiley or heart or thumbs up. I should disable the emoji keyboard but I'd be lost without it. How could I sufficiently express my love or disdain, unhappiness, joy or wishes for good luck without the little graphics? I simply cannot resist. ♥

2 — Entering PCH. I've been determined to win Publisher's Clearing House since as far back as when entries required stamps and going through a bazillion magazine options, a bazillion little pieces of paper to find the golden ticket that must be included in the envelope that must be mailed back. Now that PCH is online, all it takes is scanning to the bottom of each page and hitting the "continue" button to enter without ordering. How could I resist? The one time I do resist the daily email reminders to enter will be the one entry meant to be drawn and I will have blown it. I cannot resist. Because I will win. Eventually.

1 — Smiling at these boys. Whether I see them in person or see them in any of my thousands of photos of them, I cannot help but smile when I see my grandsons. They truly are irresistible. Perhaps you think so, too. In that case, below is another photo to smile at. Forget even trying to resist their charms, for it truly is impossible.

brothers at the park 

Today's question:

What temptations do you have a hard time resisting?