8 intriguing questions... and answers

pondering angel

I've had the box of Family, Let's Talk questions on my desk for a while now, with plans to use some of the more intriguing ones as the genesis of a blog post or two.

As I read through the fill-in-the-blank questions yesterday, I realized I'm more interested in how you, the Grandma's Briefs readers, might answer them than I was in creating a post based on my responses.

So I decided to pose to you a few questions rather than write a post.

In all fairness, if I expect you to provide answers, I suppose I should, too. So here are some questions... and my answers. I hope you'll answer at least a few in the comments below.

Here goes:

1. I think __champagne___ is vastly overrated.

2. If dogs and cast could speak and comprehend our language for one day, I'd be sure and discuss __why my dog Mickey shivers and shakes now and then for no reason, as if the world is going to end. And why my cat Isabel sleeps all day then dashes around like a maniac upstairs, from one side of the house to the other, each evening once everyone is downstairs watching television_.

3. If I was a secret shopper, I'd want to be assigned to __book___ stores.

4. If a big weather event was bearing down on my home, I'd want to stock up on __toilet paper__ from the grocery store.

5. No matter how hungry I was, the last thing I'd eat would be __crickets___.

6. As the family has grown older, the one activity I miss is __family dinner time with my loved ones around the table.__

7. My first new car was a __a Ford Tempo — purchased only because it was the only vehicle that had a large enough seat (and seat belts) to hold the three necessary carseats when our girls were all tots.__

8. I still love to __swing — as in on a swing, not with partners!___

Today's question:

Any—or all—of the above!