7 secrets of happy grandmas

secrets of happy grandma 

Happy grandmas pace themselves when with the grandchildren, taking naps when the grandkids do, if necessary.

napping boy 

Happy grandmas focus on the positive aspects of their connection with the grandchildren rather than the negative points where they (sometimes justifiably) pine for more.

toddler at park 

Happy grandmas have numerous interests unrelated to grandparenting and being a grandma.

Happy grandmas say "No" often enough to not feel taken for granted. They even remember that "No" is a complete sentence, requiring no further justification.

happy boy 

Happy grandmas learn—and use—the techy ways to stay connected with grandchildren... even grandkids who live nearby.

kids on facetime

Happy grandmas don't compare themselves to the grandkiddos' other grandparents.

grandma hug 

Happy grandmas hand out abundant hugs and "I love you"s—those memorable expressions of love that come back tenfold... eventually, if not already.

Today's question:

What is your secret to being a happy grandma or grandpa?