62 or so bits of belated gratitude

Long, long ago — in 1965 to be exact — September 21 was designated as World Gratitude Day. It's been celebrated by folks around the world each September 21 since then. 

As today is September 23, that means World Gratitude Day was this past Sunday. One of the things I'm grateful for is that it's never too late to show your gratitude — hence it's all fine and good for me to show my gratitude today, having not expressed such on Sunday.

Much as I might bitch and moan whine and complain, I do have so very much to be grateful for. Rather than share such things in lengthy list form, though, I'll instead share the following Wordle design — a condensed version of 62 or so things for which I'm grateful, a belated yet sincere recognition of World Gratitude Day:

gratitude wordle

Today's question:

What are a few bits that would be on your (belated) list for World Gratitude Day?