6 topics on which I could speak with ease... even if drunk

I belong to several online writing groups. As a freelance writer, the gathering spots of like-minded wordsmiths are where I most often find support, advice, inspiration.

One tidbit I recently gleaned from such a group was instruction on how to determine the topics that one might determine — and promote to publishers — as his or her areas of expertise. The simple solution offered was to consider those topics on which you could speak with ease, which you know so well that you could blather on at length about them... even if you were drunk.

After some thought, the following is what I came up with, along with subcategories for an even finer focus on that which I can speak — whether I have cocktail glass in hand or not. 


Grandparents. Subcategory: Long-distance grandparenting.

Surprise, surprise, right?

Blogging. Subcategory: Getting up and running — and persisting — despite limited techy knowledge and zero funds to pay for assistance.

Again, no surprise. (Or is it? You didn't realize I knew nothing about HTML, SEO and more, that I do everything you see on this site completely solo? Well, that's my hope, anyway.)

Films. Subcategory: Movies for every mood.

Want to cry? Clap? Swoon? Seethe? Stand up and cheer or simply sit back and enjoy the show? There's a movie for that and more. And I'm happy to share my recommendations.

Multiple sclerosis. Subcategory: Living large despite the limitations (and frustrations) of relapsing-remitting MS.

I was diagnosed with the <cuss> more than 22 years ago. I refuse to let it limit my life — at least in so far as my refusal and bullheadedness determination take me.

Marriage. Subcategory: Long-term marriage.

I've been married 32+ years to the same man. Despite every odd being against us from the get-go and some very rough patches along the way, we're still together, still not only love one another but like one another, too.

Family dynamics. Subcategory: Female relationships.

Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. Grandmothers. I am each of those, I have each of those. I can talk your ear off on the good, the bad, the heartwarming, the heartbreaking related to female family members coming together... or moving apart.

Devising this list reminded me of an incident about 10 years or so ago wherein Jim (yeah, that long-time hubby of mine) and I attended a house party hosted by some of my high school chums. Late into the evening — and after many mixed drinks — my former BFF stopped me mid-story and said, "Geez, Lisa! Don't you talk about anything other than your family?"

Such a slap in the face! I was offended... but chalked it up to the possibility the alcohol contributed to my hypersensitivity — and to her being such a <cuss>.

The next day, sans alcohol and hypersensitivity, I was still offended. My family is my life, I thought. Furthermore, writing on family and all it entails was how I made my living (I was, at the time, a well-paid editor of a parenting magazine and several other niche publications).

I wanted to go back in time and offer my pointed retort: "No, Ms. All-I-Talk-About-Is-How-I-Got-My-Boss-To-Pay-For-My-Boob-Job, I don't talk about much more than my family! In fact, family is my favorite topic of all."

Yet it was too late for me to let my then-friend have it. Fortunately, it's not too late for me to consider one more topic on which I can talk with ease, drunk or not. And that is...

Relationships. Subcategory: Severing ties with toxic friends.

Been there. Done that. Enough said.

Today's question:

What topics could you speak on with ease, even if drunk?