5 right moves I made (more often but not always) in 2017

5 right moves in 2017.jpg

Like many people, in the waning days of 2017 and the first fresh few of 2018, I pondered the past twelve months in consideration of what I could do to improve the next twelve.

And, like most people, the negative events and actions that I personally experienced or had a hand in marking upon my days stood out most. My failures, foibles, moments of weakness, madness, self-interest, and paralyzing procrastination. Positive considerations were quickly, nearly completely, canceled out by the negative.

Now, being a Negative Nancy isn't my overall nature, yet it is human nature to recall negative events, moments, actions, reactions and such over the positive. I do it. You do it. We all do it. Science says so.

Today I say phooey on human nature, on my nature that resulted in a frustratingly long and gloomy gathering of all I did wrong — or failed to do at all — in 2017. Instead, I'll focus on the (admittedly much shorter) list of what I did right last year.

5 right moves I made (more often but not always) in 2017

I kept my mouth shut. More often but not always I let others have the last word or offered no words at all when such words served no purpose other than hurting others — face to face or behind one's back.

I spoke up. More often but not always I defended others and myself when defense felt imperative, and I more confidently expressed ideas and opinions that mattered to me. At times that mattered to me.

I made allowances yet rejected excuses, compromised without caving. More often but not always I prioritized being happy over having my way — particularly when my way wasn't the only way to happiness for the majority of those who matter.

I looked up. More often but not always I looked to the Lord for answers, assurance, guidance, protection for myself and others regarding things large and small, in my personal world as well as the one outside my door.

I bowed down. More often but not always I bowed my head in thanks for said answers, assurance, guidance, protection — and for the comfort, peace, and acceptance inexplicably laid upon my heart at times NO or silence was the response to something I sought.

Sure, it's a short list. And, yes, there were some maddening and heartbreaking and horrific happenings in the world at large in 2017. Yet after a long string of seriously sucky years for me personally, 2017 seemed brighter, seemed the start of something better. In large part, I believe, because of those few right moves I managed to make.

They may not have bettered the world — or my health, bank account, or level of success to any measurable degree — but they bettered my outlook, my attitude. They bettered me... if even just a bit.

Which motivates me to focus in continuing those very same moves in 2018. Preferably more often. Ideally always. With one additional intention I believe is the right move for me — for all of us, in fact — in the new year.

In 2018, I intend to consciously pursue positivity and project positivity. Personally and publicly. As often as humanly possible.

Regardless of how contrary to human nature such a positive move might be.