5 reasons I like to play games with my grandkids

My grandmothers never played games with me. My daughters' grandmothers never played games with them, either.

Considering the grandmas who came before me, the ones from whom I most learned what grandmothering looks like, I'm unsure how I became a game-playing grandma. But I am.

And I love it. Here's why:


I enjoy watching them learn.
Kids learn so much from playing games. They improve motor skills and communication skills. They get the hang of taking turns, being a good sport, and how to strategize. They learn persistance, cooperation, how to be a team player. As a grandma, it's pretty awesome to encourage such things. Even more awesome? Seeing such concepts CLICK for my favorite kiddos.

fast flip

I learn from them.
Children look at things different than adults, different from each other. Sometimes their perspective and manner of approaching a challenge are so much better than my tried-and-occasionally-true methods. When it comes to new skills — for me — such as video games, their techniques and talents are light years ahead of mine. Making them the perfect teacher for this woefully inept (techy) gamer grandma.

We talk.
Conversation flows in a different direction when playing games. Thoughts, ideas, concerns, comments come up that may not have in another setting, things that give me a deeper glimpse into my fellow gameplayer's character as well as his day-to-day doings.

boy playing Dr. Eureka

We laugh.
Is there anything better than belly laughs? I have yet to discover it. Is there any better way to elicit belly laughs from kids than silly game play? Not in my experience. Unabashed belly laughing together is the best benefit of board games. Or any game enjoyed with a grand.

boy playing pie face

Competition connects us.
Shared strategies and silly situations form an appreciation for one another's weak spots as well as each other's skills. Time and again I bond with one grandson or another not only during game play but after. Those moments when we share our secrets for success in challenging XX or giggle again and again when recalling goofy gaming outcomes, win or lose.

Bonus reason I like to play games with my grandkids: Everyone wins! When grandparents and grandchildren engage in games together, there are no losers — regardless of any official final score.

I like that!

I'm willing to bet my grandsons do, too.

Today's question:

What games do you and your grandchildren enjoy playing together?