5 names and 5 uses for Grandma

lightbulb brainI've been exercising my brain a bit more than usual the past couple weeks in an effort to counteract some mushiness and muck courtesy multiple sclerosis. Challenging one's noggin' is wise for one and all as we age — not just those with cognitive issues — and my dear friend Ruth and her Cranium Crunches site are a super source of fun ways to keep the brain fit.

Ruth recently shared with me some brain challenges for my cranium-improvement quest, and there's one I think you all might appreciate — especially as I've gone grandma-style with it.

This set of exercises relates to "categorizing, sorting, and stretching," Ruth said, and "will help you focus attention on making your higher-level thinking processes work together. Categorization exercises that make you think about an item or idea differently help you keep the connections between processes working."

Ruth's (condensed) instruction goes like this:

Pick out an item and alternate the following exercises.
• Think of 5 different ways to describe that item. For example, a pencil could be a writing instrument, a sketch creator, etc.
• Think of 5 words that begin with the last letter of that item.
• Identify a category that item belongs to, plus 5 other things that belong in that category. For example, a pencil could be categorized as a "school supply" then name other school supplies.
• Name 5 ways the item can be used.

After considering coffee mugs, note pads, tree leaves and more, I thought, What the heck! Why not consider — well, at least apply the first and last steps of Ruth's cranium cruncher to — the role most of us here put the most brain power into? That being the role of Grandma.

grandma names and uses 

5 names for GRANDMA:

Mom, super-sized — Forget large orders of fries and ridiculously sized sodas. Mothers supersized into grandmothers are the most grand upgrade of all.

Curator of cookies — The cookie jar is always full, whether homemade or store bought makes not a whit of difference.

(Grandma) Bag lady — We all have our grandma bags at the ready, right?

Playmate of the year — There's no one more willing to play with a child any time, any where. (Well, grandpas run a close second, I admit.)

HWF1 (short for Hugs, Wisdom and Fun Rolled into One) — This name may appeal to those who believe the most important jobs are accompanied by exclusive acronyms and lingo.

5 uses for GRANDMA:

Homework help — Even if it's math you don't get, instructions you don't understand, there's always Google to help grandmas figure things out. (And teaching Googling techniques is yet another way Grandma helps with the homework!)

Designated diaper changer — This use gives Grandma uninterrupted time with the baby. Stinky sometimes, sure, but feel free to stretch out the time at the changing table to get in some non-stinky hug time afterward.

Family recipe storage — Grandmas are (or can be) the keeper of the family recipes, from older generations and newer generations alike.

Photography — Put a camera or video device in a grandma's hands and she'll provide coverage like no other of events both milestone and menial.

Activity direction — Whether it's games, crafts, computing, cooking, gardening, reading or whatever, Grandma can do it. Or will, at the very least, direct others on how to do it.

There you have it: My 5 names and 5 uses for Grandma. Consider my cranium exercised and sufficiently crunched. Thanks, Ruth!

Now off to check the cookie jar, as this grandma feels her cookie curating has been lacking of late. (And there's no doubt in my oft-muddled mind that chocolate chip cookie-loving PawDad would most certainly agree.)

Today's question:

What additional names and uses for GRANDMA can you add?