5 joys of July

July is my least favorite month of the year. It's too hot and... well... it's just plain too hot.

I'm not a fan of hot weather, which is pretty much why I'm not a fan of July.

Rather than stew over the scorching season, though, I'm looking on the bright side today, pondering the positive parts of a month I mostly despise. 

There are but five.

joys of july


My third and final child — Andrea, one of my favorite people in the world — was born in July.

Andie and lisa... doing their thing


My daylillies reach their peak in July.



Spiderwort, which my mom always called Trinity Flower, reaches its peak, too.


Though I have none in my yard, the pleasant purple blooms ease my mind on my morning (before it gets too hot!) walks with my dog.


Tumultuous weather and wildfires throughout the state create amazing sites in the skies.

July skies in Colorado


Cheeries are on sale.


I love cherries... but refuse to buy them until they go on sale... which they always do in July.

Bonus joy applicable only today:

Just eighteen more days until August — a much more merry month for me than the one we're currently in.

Today's question:

What joys do you find in July?