4 things that make the Fourth of July

For some, it's baseball, hot dogs and apple pie that mark the fourth day of July as, well, the Fourth of July. And, of course, there's the fireworks, American flag and patriotism that most of us could never do without. 

For me, though, there are four more things that, without them, it simply doesn't feel like Independence Day. Here are those four things that, for me, make the Fourth of July:

Breakfast. This breakfast. It's been a Fourth of July must for more years than I can recall. Still is. (If you'd like the recipe, click the photo... though it's pretty easy to figure it out without a "recipe.")

fourth of july breakfast


Fresh cherries. This is the time of the year they're the best. This is the only time of the year I buy them. (Have you seen the darn prices on the irresistible pit-filled bites of heaven?)

 bowlful of cherries

root beer float


Root beer floats. This may harken back to my childhood and my memories of visits to A&W. Or maybe not — since I don't recall ever actually getting a float there. Whatever the reason, it's simply not the Fourth of July for me unless I've had one. With extra root beer added as it's sipped out and ice cream remains. (Unlike cherries, I do have root beer floats one or two other times during the year. Sometimes.)




Friends. Whether it's family that feels like friends or friends that are, well, friends, July Fourth is always far more festive, naturally, when celebrated with friends. I'm absolutely delighted that this year, my friend Ruth from Cranium Crunches and her husband will celebrate the holiday with Jim and me. I haven't seen Ruth since Blogher '13 — and in all honesty, that was the only time I have ever seen Ruth as, other than our face-time in Chicago, we've only known each other online. I look forward to her visit and our sure-to-be-fabulous Fourth.

bloggers at BlogHer13 

Best wishes that you, too, will have all the makings for a fabulous Fourth of July — whatever those required makings may be for you and yours!

Today's question:

What makes July Fourth for you?