4 spring walks to take with grandkids

Put on your walking shoes and head out with the grandkiddos. Here, four ideas for savoring spring while out and about.

spring walks

Oooh, baby, baby

There's no shortage of babies in my neighborhood this time of year. Baby squirrels, baby birds, baby deer. Keep your eyes open and tell the kiddos to do the same as you're likely to see a baby of some sort or another while walking and talking and taking in the sites.

Hey, bud

Signs of spring are bursting forth any direction you look. Point out buds on trees, shrubs, flowers. Maybe draw pictures of favorites or research details on the varieties when your outing's complete.

Flower pickin'

No, don't really pick the flowers, but have each walker choose a type of spring flower—be it tulip, daffodil, grape hyacinth, lilac, crocus, and such—and keep track of how many are seen along the route. Perhaps come up with a fun treat for the winner of the top flower pick.

Litter pickin'

Forego the flowers and bag the bits of litter found along the way. Be sure to bring trash bags (plastic grocery sacks work fine) and disposable gloves for each walker then deposit bags and gloves directly into your garbage cans upon your return home.

Want more? Most of these ideas for autumn walks (minus the Halloween decoration hunt, of course) translate perfectly well for spring outings.

Today's question:

When did you last take a walk, with grandkiddos or otherwise?