The Saturday Post: Scared silly edition

Jim and I are thinking about going to see a scary movie today. A really scary movie. One that when I first saw the creepy trailer, I told him I could never, ever watch it because it's just too creepy.

Then I realized it stars Jessica Chastain. I love Jessica Chastain. So does Jim. So we're now thinking of going. Maybe.

The movie is Mama and it's from super freaky Guillermo del Toro. I thought about sharing the trailer with you today, but as many of you don't like horror flicks, I decided instead to share the following video. It's about people getting scared—scared silly, that is, by super silly Ellen DeGeneres.

If you're one of those folks who does like horror movies and you'd like to see the Mama trailer I didn't share here today, you can find it right here.

Today's question:

Other than scary movies, what scares you?