Photo replay: On generosity and authenticity

My bloggy friend Barbara from The Empty Nest Mom emailed me yesterday with the following. I was so moved, I asked her permission to share her words and photo here with the Grandma's Briefs readers.

Barbara wrote:

We visited Italy recently and while in the little hill town of Assisi, stayed in an amazing 15th century hotel - old stone walls, wooden shutters that opened to a spectacular view and bells that rang from St Francis church.
One night I looked out the window and on a balcony below and across from us was a little Italian grandmother, hanging laundry by moonlight.  The scene, of course, reminded me of your blog. 
In real life. 
In Italy.

Thank you to Barbara for her generosity in sharing such a sweet, authentic depiction of Grandma's Briefs. For more about her Italy trip, read Barbara's post on walking and eating through Italy.

Best wishes to all for a warm Sunday!