50 areas where grandmas should know at least one thing

Much as we'd like to or we pretend to, grandmas can't know everything.

If we simply know at least one thing, though, from each of the following areas, we'll know more than enough to fully connect with—and impress!—our grandchildren of any age.

How to play:

   • outdoor games

   • board games

   • video games (mega points for this one)

   • ball games

   • card games

• card tricks

• magic tricks

• cookie recipes

• snack recipes

• how to draw something, anything

• how to connect with technology—email, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, and more

• how to not annoy the grandchild when connecting with technology—too much lurking, liking, and more

• nursery rhymes

• lullabies

• dance moves

• bird calls

• animal sounds

• words in another language

• names of grandchild's pets

• names of grandchild's friends

• names of grandchild's teachers

• grandchild's fears and phobias

Grandchild's favorites:

   • favorite colors

   • favorite classes

   • favorite sports

   • favorite songs (bonus points if you know the words)

   • favorite programs and movies

   • favorite books

   • favorite games on computer/console/phone/internet

   • favorite foods

• grandchild's least favorite foods

• mealtime prayers

• bedtime prayers

• bedtime stories

• stories or poems by heart

• stories related to the grandchild's birth

• stories related to the grandchild's parent's birth

• stories related to the grandchild's parent's childhood

• stories related to your childhood

• what grandchild wants to be when he or she grows up

• gardening basics

• astronomy basics—stars, planets, constellations

• memorable quotes, phrases, sayings (worth more if they impart useful advice)

• animal trivia

• nature trivia

• history trivia

• sports trivia

• sentence diagramming (Okay, that one's a joke and doesn't count; just seeing if you're still reading)

• ways to fold paper—think paper airplanes, cootie catchers, origami stars

• ways to save a child's life—preferably the one that works

• ways to say I love you—preferably more than one!

Today's question:

In what other areas should grandmas know at least one thing?