Hair and hugs

Mac's hairstylist for the past year or so has been Megan. She was the first to cut his blonde locks, and the only one since.

Last weekend, though, Megan decided to take Mac for his first real haircut. One from a pro, at the place where Bubby regularly gets his hair cut.

Things didn't go so well.

Mac hated the cape and screamed and cried in hopes of having it removed.

So they removed it.

Mac then screamed and cried because he wanted the cape put back on.

So they put it back on.

Then the stylist worked quickly on the haircut while Mac worked just as quickly on a sucker.

Despite the tears and the tantrum and the sticky sucker mess, Mac's first real haircut came out looking pretty darn cute.

Forget the hair, though. All I can see in the photo Megan texted to me is Mac's tears and his expression that says, "Why Mommy? Why in the world did you just put me through that?"

I'm pretty sure Megan was thinking the same thing.

My clean-cut grandkiddo clearly needs a hug.

Megan's voice on the phone relating the ordeal sounded like she needs one, too.

I'm willing to bet Bubby—who was on hand to witness the fun—could go for a hug from Gramma, as well. Just because.

Good thing I'm in the desert today. Have no doubt that Mac, Megan, and Bubby are all getting their fair of hugs from Gramma.

Also have no doubt that Mac does indeed look pretty darn cute in his new-but-not-so-fun-for-anyone 'do.

Today's question:

When did you last cut someone's hair—a child's, an adult's, or your own?