Off to school and home again

This past week was a big one for Megan, Bubby, and Mac.

First off, Megan and Bubby headed off to school for the new school year. I have no photos of Megan's first day of class—adult children are goofy that way, not sharing first-day photos with their mothers. I do, though, have pictures of Bubby's first day of Pre-K and with his new teacher, stolen borrowed from Megan's Facebook page:  

The smile's a pretty darn good sign things are off to a good start.

That's the "off to school" portion of this post.

The "home again" part? Well, that belongs to Mac. Mac who really did not like going to daycare. Mac who, apparently for most of his time at daycare, looked much like he did when he'd had enough of riding in his carseat on their recent California visit:

And much like he looks when he's just plain had enough of anything and everything:

During his first week at daycare, Mac didn't act happy and Mac didn't look happy. He had given  daycare a try, but he'd had enough. And he had no qualms about letting one and all know things just weren't working for him.

Megan searched high and low for a solution to Mac's daily unhappiness. She checked out other childcare centers, she interviewed several home-based care providers. None felt right.

Then she considered nannies. A nanny for Mac did feel right. Especially when the nanny would be Aunt Katie—Preston's aunt and Mac and Bubby's great aunt. A great aunt not only by virtue of her place on the family tree, but great because she does awesome stuff like this:

That's Bubby flying high on the trampoline, thanks to a boost from Aunt Katie.

So Mac is back home again instead of at a daycare center. And happy. With Aunt Katie playing the role of nanny.

Aunt Katie's first day on the job, Mac didn't cry when Daddy left for work. He didn't cry when Mommy left for work, either. He did cry, though, when Aunt Katie left to go home at the end of the day.

That's a good sign, Megan says. A very good sign.

School bells have officially rung. After a wee bit of tweaking and making the best of the challenges, so far, so good—for the back-to-working-mommy Megan, the Pre-K Bubby, and especially for the happily home again Mac.

Today's question:

How smoothly has the summer-to-school-time transition gone for you and yours?