Boys and girl's toys

Yes, the apostrophe use—and non use—in the title above is correct, for today's post is about two boys and their discovery of one girl's toys.

You see, Megan has agreed to babysit a 16-month-old little girl a couple of days a week. Her first day on the job was Monday, while I was still visiting.

Daisy* arrived with all the basic supplies plus a big bundle of her favorite toys. A smart inclusion, those playthings, considering Megan's house is inhabited by little boys, with nary a girl toy in sight.

Bubby and Baby Mac are used to cars, trucks, trains and noisy toys of all sorts, all in big, bold, primary—and boy-like—colors. They had never seen such pink and feminine fanciness before. 

Pink cell phone, pink makeup case, pink purse and more. The boys were completely enthralled by the mysterious selection of girlee goodies.

Funny thing is, Daisy seemed to be just as enthralled by the boy toys. The very first toy she chose to play with? A fake sword.

Like I told Megan and Preston: I now have a better idea of what to get the boys for their birthdays in June.

*Daisy is not her real name, as her mother has no idea the boys have a blogging grandma who shares things online. No biggie, as the names I use here for the boys aren't their real names either. Unlike the boys, though, the cute little girl's face was obviously blurred in the photo above because, again, her mother has no idea there was a blogger in the midst and granted no permission.

Today's question:

What are your thoughts on gender-specific toys? For example, should little boys get to play with dolls and little girls with pirate playthings?