11 things grandmas do when no one else wants to

1. Change a stinky diaper...every stinkin' time.

2. Willingly leave the theater with the fussy baby during a family outing to a movie she's been looking forward to for three months.

3. Attempt making a birthday cake in the shape of the birthday child's favorite television or movie character despite never having seen the show. And succeed to the delight of her grandchild—thanks to Google...and Wilton cake pans.

4. Call in sick to work to cover babysitting duty when a grandchild comes down with the flu and can't go to school.

5. Be the one to give grandchildren socks, underwear and other necessities at gift-giving time. Along with other more desirable gifts, too, of course.

6. Squirt the saline solution in and suck the snot out of a little one's congested nose.

7. Rise to the occasion when a pint-sized pooper announces from another room, "I'm done...I need wiped."

8. Clean up a child's spit up—and later, the vomit—without complaining...or gagging.

9. Whip up new dinner options when the original ones are refused by a fussy toddler. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we grandmas know the drill, but the poor kid can't go to bed hungry.

10. Take the baby's temperature when the digital thermometer batteries are dead and Mom has never had to do it the rectal old-fashioned way.

11. Make a grandchild's Halloween costume from scratch—and do such a bang-up job she's recruited and agrees to be costume designer for the school's annual holiday program.

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Today's question:

What else do grandmas do—or are expected to do—when no one else wants to?