Grandma's Game Night

Last night was my monthly game night with some girlfriends. Despite the title of this post, our night o' fun isn't actually called "Grandma's Game Night" seeing's how I'm the only grandma in the group.

As you other grandmas can attest, it's impossible to remove oneself completely from the grandma role, even during game night with the group of gals for whom I once served as boss. (Believe it or not, they do still like me, they really like me.) So in the back of my mind, as dice rolled and beer flowed, my grandma thoughts rumbled now and again.

And what were those random grandma thoughts? Mostly, I considered that the board games my friends and I like to play would make for a grand ol' time with grandkids. Grandkids older than mine, of course, as Candyland and the Goodnight Moon game certainly weren't what we enjoyed last night.

So for all you grandmas (and non-grandmas) who would enjoy a game night with older children and other adults—grandchildren or not—here are five fun games straight from my game cabinet that I'm happy to recommend for you to try out during your very own Grandma Game Night:

Pass the Popcorn Your Ticket to Fast-paced Movie Fun Movie Guessing Game (2-8 players, ages 12+). This is the newest game in my stash, thanks to Megan and Preston at Christmas time, and last night was the first time I played it during our game night. But it was just as fun last night as it was when Jim, Brianna, Andie and I played it for Jim's birthday a few weeks. If you like movies, you'll like this game. And so will the teen grandchildren who will likely know a few of the comedy ones you may have let pass by.

Loaded Questions Expose Your Self (3-6 players, ages teen to adult). Tests how well you know your fellow players—and yourself, in some cases—thanks to hundreds of questions in four categories. There's no right or wrong answers and no need to know trivia.

Trivial Pursuit Team Choose your team/Choose your questions/Fun, faster play (2 teams, adults— though teens can likely answer just as many questions as most adults). I love trivia games—unless they take forever to get done, as regular Trivial Pursuit does. And unless they have far too many history questions (which I really stink at), as Trivial Pursuit does. This version is just like the tagline says: fun, faster play—and you can choose the entertainment category all you want.

(Electronic) Catch Phrase The grab it, guess it, pass it game (4+ players, adults—again, no reason teens can't play and enjoy). Pretty much Hot Potato with a hefty serving of Password involved. Loads of fun as well as lots of flustering and fumbling as you and your teammates struggle to guess the answers as the time bomb, I mean game unit ticks faster and faster before beeping time's up.

Mad Gab ...It's Not What You SAY, It's What You HEAR! (2-12 players, ages 10+). This game has had my friends and me—and family, at other times—laughing harder than any other game we've played. Cards that seem nonsensical are revealed by one time to the others, who try to guess the phrase. For example, Bat Tree Snot Ink Looted is ... Batteries Not Included. Listening to the wacky pronunciations as players guess and guess again (and again and again and again) is hilarious.

Note: Clicking on the game names above takes you to the official websites for more information. They are not affiliate links, and I make nothing by you clicking.

Today's question:

What is your favorite game—board or otherwise—to play with a group of friends or family?