The Saturday Post: Just-a-Little-Heart-Attack edition

On the plane ride home Thursday night, a relatively young woman seated behind me was telling her seatmate, a stranger, about having recently survived a heart attack.

When my plane landed and I turned on my phone to text Jim that I'd arrived, my e-mail automatically downloaded to my phone, and one was an e-mail from Jim's brother-in-law requesting prayers for Jim's sister, who had gone to the hospital because of heart pains.

Then, yesterday morning I received an e-mail from Klout that I had earned a special "perk"—a director's cut of a video starring and directed by Emmy-nominated Elizabeth Banks, made for the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women movement.

I'm not incredibly superstitious, but I think three's a sign...that I'm supposed to share this with the women in my life:

For more information about women and heart disease—which, as mentioned in the video, kills more women than all forms of cancer combined—visit

Have a heart-happy day!

Today's question:

How has heart disease affected you or the women in your family?