Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...in the desert

I'm originally from Minnesota and have lived the past nearly 40 years in Colorado. Fairly snowy states come winter time. Which means, for me, holiday time means snow time. Maybe not necessarily on Christmas Day, but at least a few snowflakes here and there in the weeks leading up to the big day.

My grandsons live in the desert. Despite singing beloved Christmas carols mentioning the fluffy white goodness and enjoying craftivities featuring snowmen in all their glory, Bubby and Mac are not all that familiar with snow itself. They simply don't see it at their place.

Determined to not let geography, meteorology and such stand in the way of Bubby and Mac enjoying some snow play, I packed and brought along a little snow to share with them during my visit this week. Not real snow, of course, but artificial snow. Snow in Seconds, to be precise.

True to its name, within seconds of mixing the powder with water, we had snow. And then the fun kicked into high gear.

Sure, it's not the real stuff. But until I figure out a way to pack the real stuff in my handy dandy grandma bag, it will certainly do.

Today's question:

How likely is it you'll have snow at your place come Christmas Day?