The Saturday Post: Thanksgiving carol edition

One of the radio stations in my city started playing Christmas music this past week. Which is ridiculous. That station is not allowed to be played in my house. Not yet.

I love Christmas music. In my house, though, Christmas carols are forbidden until the day after Thanksgiving. At the very earliest—if we really cannot wait—they're allowed Thanksgiving night, once all the Thanksgiving festivities are done and over.

With too much rush to get from Halloween to Christmas, Thanksgiving is fast becoming a forgotten holiday. Except for the turkey.

Perhaps part of the problem with Thanksgiving's appeal and popularity is the lack of Thanksgiving songs and carols. There is one, though. And I think it should be shared with grandkids and big kids alike. I'm pretty sure all will enjoy it. Except for the turkey.

It goes like this:


Celebrate the season. The Thanksgiving season. Thanksgiving Day will be here and gone far sooner than we all might hope. Especially for the turkey.

Happy Saturday!