Photo replay: Purrfect poser

With no children or similarly obliging subjects regularly available in my nest, practicing portraits with my new camera means my animals are the primary subjects.

The dogs usually think I'm offering a treat when I try to photograph them, so most shots of Mickey and Lyla are blurry shots of them speeding toward me in hopes of nabbing a treat or of their noses sniffing out the camera in search of snacks for their service.

Which leaves the cats as my primary posers.

Isabel doesn't care too much for the position foisted upon her and makes no bones about cussing me out for it.

My sweet tabby Abby, on the other hand, happily lends a paw any time I need, posing perfectly for shot after shot—in color, black-and-white, macro and more.

One more reason she's likely my favorite feline ever. (Just don't tell Isabel as it'll give her even more cause to complain.)

Today's question:

How would you rate the portrait-posing probability of your pets?