Meet the (great) grandparents

Bubby and Baby Mac arrived to Gramma and PawDad's house on Christmas Day for their extended holiday visit. Awaiting their arrival were their maternal great grandparents—my mom as well as my dad and stepmom, Ann.

My dad and Ann had met Bubby before, of course, but this was their first introduction to the ever-curious (and ever expressive) Baby Mac.

Baby Mac didn't give a hoot about introductions and photos; he wanted only to grab hold of Ann's hair. Which he did:

Also ready to hand out Christmas hugs though both boys had seen her in October was my mom, aka Nonnie Kelly to them. (Not to be confused with the Nonnie Kelly Grandma's Briefs regular who, although awesome and someone I'd love to have in my family, is not our Nonnie Kelly. No, my mom is the Grandma's Briefs commenter Ann...not to be confused with Ann who is my dad's wife. Yes, things get a tad confusing around here at times.)

Anyway, when Bubby and Baby Mac visited with our Nonnie Kelly in October, I realized far too late that I had forgotten to get a four-generation photo of the gang while we were all together. Thankfully I had a chance to rectify that on Christmas Day:

Just one more reason (or technically three, I suppose) my new DSLR from Santa came in handy.

Today's question:

When did you last have a photo taken with one or more of your grandparents? What about great grandparents?