Friday (the 13th!) feel-good: Soulful inspiration

Some of you may already know all about her, but I only recently learned of Mavis Staples, an amazing singer and civil rights activist who has been singing, inspiring, and making a difference far longer than I've been alive. And she's still going at it. Strong.

As her recent collaborator Jeff Tweedy of Wilco is quoted as saying, "Mavis is the walking embodiment of undaunted spirit and courage. She’s an ever-forward looking, positive example for all human beings."

You can quote me as saying Mavis seems far more energetic than the Energizer Bunny, and her positive energy level along with her soulful sounds make her a true inspiration. I can only hope and strive to be even half as positive and vibrant as she is when I reach her age. Heck, I want to be as positive and vibrant as her at my current age!

The following video of Staples and Tweedy covering a Creedence Clearwater Revival song—which also is on her latest album—is one of my favorites from the 72-year-old powerhouse. Love, love, love this woman! (And Tweedy's pretty darn cool himself, too, I must say.)


You can see, hear, and learn more about Mavis Staples on her website or on Wikipedia.

Today's question:

Who inspires you?