Bacon, eggs, and Bubby

When I visited Bubby and Baby Mac last month, one of the things Bubby wanted us to do together was make cookies. Because it was so darn hot in the desert—even in the house—I convinced Bubby that it would be so much more fun to make and eat...well...bacon and eggs!

Believe it or not, it didn't take much arm twisting. Especially once I told him the bacon and eggs we'd be making featured none other than one of his all-time favorite ingredients: "num 'n nums".

Thanks to Grandma Judy, we had an easy recipe for bacon and eggs that required no oven, no stove top. I had made them for Bubby last summer, and he kinda sorta remembered that they were awesome. This time would be even more awesome, though, as Bubby was old enough to help make them.

So he donned his apron and set to work.

First, on a wax-paper lined baking sheet, Bubby carefully laid out double slices of bacon, aka stick pretzels:


Then Bubby separated the egg yolks, aka the num 'n nums, aka—for real— yellow M&Ms.

Once Gramma had the egg whites ready (meaning she had melted white chocolate in the microwave; see, no oven or stovetop required!), she poured the egg whites on top of the bacon. Bubby topped off the whites with yolks:

Time for a quick taste, so Bubby sampled a strip of bacon in the whites:

And again:

Heck, forget the bacon and the yolks, Bubby said, and went for every last drop of the whites:

Gramma placed the sheet of bacon and eggs in the freezer for "cooking" then washed up Bubby and his egg-white mustache.

Twenty minutes later, bacon and eggs were done, served, and savored!

One bite and Bubby was more than convinced that bacon and eggs are indeed so much more fun to bake and eat than cookies—especially on a hot summer day in the desert.

Today's question:

What is your favorite no-bake treat? (Recipes welcome!)