Animals by mail

Tomorrow is the first day of October, the month that best bears the fruits of fall and goes out with the bang of Halloween.

There's more to October, though, than falling leaves, sweater weather, pumpkin goodies, and spooky celebrations. For one thing, it's National Children's Magazine Month.

Bubby just recently started receiving magazines in the mail. Mommy signed him up for Nat Geo Kids, Nat Geo Little Kids, and Zootles. He delights in learning about a variety of animals and sharing the stories and pictures with Baby Mac. Although, finding out that snow leopards live in the mountains had Bubby quite scared he just might encounter one during his upcoming visit with Gramma and PawDad.

Despite having three animal-related magazines already delivered regularly to his mailbox, Megan says Bubby just can't get enough of the wildlife stories. So in recognition of National Children's Magazine Month, I've purchased a subscription for Bubby and Baby Mac to the National Wildlife Foundation's Big Backyard, part of the Ranger Rick family of magazines.

Big Backyard is suggested for ages 4 to 7, and although NWF offers Animal Baby for ages 2 to 4, Big Backyard seems to have more actual photos of awesome animals whereas Animal Baby features several illustrations.

The bonus that really sold me on Big Backyard over Animal Baby, I must admit, is that the subscription comes with free pair of Big Backyard binoculars—perfect for Bubby to use to spot any snow leopards roaming the grounds at Gramma and PawDad's during his next visit at Christmastime!

Today's question:

What is your favorite print magazine?