And marked it with a B

Grandparents Day was last Sunday, as I mentioned here. Recognizing the day has not yet caught on for many, it seems, possibly because it smacks ever-so-slightly of commercial gimmickry, despite its authentic origins.

I have to own up to having a smidgen of cynicism about the whole affair myself. That is, until Jim and I received our first "Happy Grandparents Day" care package from Bubby and Baby Mac last week.

When the actual day came and went last Sunday with no phone call from Megan and the boys, I gave it a minor "Meh..." and moved on, figuring it's not that big of a deal.

Then, in the next day's mail came this:

Megan had worked with Bubby and Baby Mac to create a special Grandparents Day gift package for Gramma and PawDad. Bubby couldn't decide between chocolate chip cookies or cookies with sprinkles so they combined the two for a delicious delight. They also crafted a flower made of hand and feet imprints—which now has a place of honor on the refrigerator door—and included a Grandparent's Day greeting card, marked especially sweet with a B, which Bubby has been practicing to master. (Note: Although Bubby's real name may not be Bubby, it does indeed begin with a B.)

I can now attest my "Meh..." about Grandparents Day has been replaced with "Mmm..." and topped off with a generous dollop of "Awwww!"

Today's question:

When it comes to holidays and other special days, which are you most cynical about?