The Saturday Post: Germaphobes at the movies edition

Yay! Fall, my favorite time of the year, is on its way!

Now that I no longer have kids in school and have no reason to participate in the Back-To-School Fall Frenzy, fall means just one thing to me: movies!

Okay, fall means more than that to me, but movies are indeed a biggie. The summer blockbusters will soon be out of the theaters and the films more to my liking—the independents, the sweeping dramas, the Oscar contenders—will soon be moving in.

There are several movies I look forward to seeing before the end of the year. One on the must-see list—one that equally fascinates and freaks out this germaphobe grandma—is this, coming in September:

Today's question:

In public places and spaces, what are you diligent about not touching because of its germiness?